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Inuit Art Exhibition

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Eliot Waldman has a passion for Inuit art and has participated in many Inuit art exhibitions over the years. His Native Art Traders Inuit art exhibition showcases many of the great and upcoming Inuit artists that he has befriended.

Take a tour of our virtual Inuit art exhibition - Inuit Art Sculptures, Inuit Art Wall Hangings, and Inuit Art Prints and Paintings. Select the specific work of art for a larger image. Want to receive a private tour of our Inuit art gallery? We'd be happy to make arrangements. Please contact us to arrange a date and time.

Every week we receive new additions to our Inuit art exhibition. Most are one of a kind pieces. Sign up to our mailing list to receive notification of new art pieces as they come in.

Guide to Other Inuit Art Exhibitions

Many of the best Inuit art exhibitions will be found in Canada. But, in addition to Native Art Traders, you can find excellent Inuit art galleries in the states as well - some in the most unexpected places.

Manitoba Inuit Art Exhibition

The first exhibition to focus on the unique graphic vision of one of northern Canada's rising new artists - Tony Anguhalluq. The 24 pencil crayon drawings featured in this inuit art exhibition shows the artist unique use of colors combined with overlapping perspectives in the same image.

New Inuit Art Exhibition in Manitoba

University of Delaware Inuit Art Exhibition

This Inuit art exhibition shows some of the Inuit drawings from the Frederick and Lucy S. Herman Native American Art Collection. You can also find other Inuit artworks, including sculptures, prints, and tapestries lately donated to the University Gallery collection.

Inuit Art Exhibition

Inuit Gallery of Vancouver

Five years ago they showcased a group of seven emerging artists in an Inuit Art exhibition called Sculpting Talent. This new Inuit art exhibition turns the spotlight back on the original seven artists whom they believe are at the forefront of modern Inuit art.

Seven New Inuit Artists

Sami & Inuit Art exhibition

An upcoming exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, near Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Read more at:

Sami & Inuit Art exhibition

Delaware Exhibition celebrates Inuit art

The University of Delaware in Newark is opening an exhibit of Canadian Inuit drawings.

The governor of the state of Delaware, Ruth Ann Minner, has proclaimed Wednesday "Inuit Art and Culture Appreciation Day" in the state.

Titled "Land of Ice, Hearts of Fire - Inuit Art and culture", the exhibit will showcase over 200 drawings and prints.

Inuit Art Exhibition as Delaware University