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Ron Apangalook - Bird Hunter With Bolos Ron Apangalook - Polar Bear Shaman Ron Apangalook - Cormorant On Base Ron Apangalook - Cormorant On Base
Ron Apangalook - Humpback Whale Ron Apangalook - Floating Otter Ron Apangalook - Killer Whale Moses Soonagrook - Walrus Shaman
Chris Aningayou - Canada Goose Chris Aningayou - Canada Goose Brenden Oseuk - Cormorant On Base Unknown Artist - Alaskan Ivory Cribbage Board
Unknown Artist - Alaskan Dog Sled Team Unknown Artist - Inuk, Kayak, Whale Charles Slwooko - Whalebone, Walrus Ivory , Wood, Sinew Teddy Mayac Sr. - Floating Loon
Inuit sculpture - Reindeer Herder Inuit sculpture - Reindeer Roundup seal shaman Crouching Bear
Inuit sculpture - Polar Bear Crouching Bear Inuit - Baikal Teal Inuit- Polar Bear
Inuit sculpture - Wood Duck Inuit sculpture - Harlequin Duck Inuit - Penquins Grizzly Bear with fish
Inuit - Standing Bear With Fish Inuit- Cormorant Inuit sculpture - Polar Bear Shaman Inuit- Polar Bear