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About the Inuit Artists

Originally, the Inuit were a migratory people in a very harsh environment. Materials were scarce and the need tfor portability limited artistic expression to small pieces.

The contemporary period of Inuit art began in the 1940's. Even now, the work not only provides critical income, especially in the more isolated Arctic villages, but has achieved an international reputation as a major art form as well.

As interest in their art has grown, so has the the freedom enjoyed by the artists. Their nomadic lifestyle has given way to a more settled one, encouraging the creation of larger pieces. And, sculpture is only one part of this magnificent arctic tradition.

The wallhangings and prints, dolls and traditional clothing are also highly valued.

Subject matter and style are richly varied. There are about 30 art-producing communities, each with its own favorite subjects and distinctive styles. Themes reflect the artists' deep connection to the hauntingly beautiful arctic landscape and wildlife. The personal styles of these individuals are readily identifiable to the observer who takes the time to look closely.

Inuit Settlements in the Canadian Arctic