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Inuit Art

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Inuit Art investing is a huge field.  But art collecting can also be fun. It's a great way to show your love for art and Inuit art, in particular, is the perfect way to accent any décor in your home.

In recent years, Inuit art has been increasing in demand. The Inuit people live in the terrintory of Inuit.

Inuit artists must work hard to find stone worthy of carving and carry it quite a distance to their homes. Even though this art is widely sought after, many young Inuit are seeking less physically demanding careers and attempting to go into the few available office and governmental jobs.

The Advantages Of Investing In Inuit Art

At this point Inuit art is relatively undiscovered as related to Native American art. Therefore, as a collector of authentic Native American art, you will normally get more comparative value by purchasing Inuit art. For example, an Inuit bear carving in the $10,000 range would be double or triple for a comparative piece by an American Native artist. So Inuit art is still relatively inexpensive - for now.

Another reason for investing in Inuit art vs Native Amercan art is that the U.S. dollar is stronger than the Canadian dollar - which means you can buy more of it for the same dollars.

The Best Places To Find Inuit Art Galleries

The best places to find Inuit art galleries are in the provinces of Canada. But you can also find smaller art galleries such as Native Art Traders that exist in or near major cities and specialize in Inuit art sculptures and paintings.

Inuit Art Examples

What You Can Expect To Pay For Inuit Art -

You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $10,000 or more for authentic Inuit art.

Make sure you are getting authentic Inuit art from Canadian Inuit artists. Inuit artists have a very distinct carving style, which you can look for when shopping for Inuit art. Most of the Inuit art is of the surrounding wildlife because that is what the consumers like to buy the most. However, there are also carvings of mythological imagery, fantasy imagery, and more.

Many Inuit artists focus their art on wildlife and hunting scenes. However, some artists do carve these types of imagery creating beautiful images from their imaginations. These sculptures, and all Inuit sculptures, can have a calm feeling about them. They are usually wide and curvy. Most of the art is realistic and natural in character.

Investing in Inuit art can be a good investment niche for any art collector.