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Inuit Art Sculpture

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Native Art Traders maintains a unique display of beautiful and high quality Inuit art sculpture pieces. Founded in 2001 we have consistently managed to acquire and maintain relationships with established as well as up and coming Inuit artists.

We maintain one of the largest collections of Inuit art sculptures in the Chicago area and do not deal with mass-produced reproductions or knock offs. The craftsmanship involved in creating these art pieces is phenomenal.

Inuit art sculpture is a Canadian arctic art form that is just now coming into its own. For many years the Inuit peoples survived on the harsh and unforgiving landscape of their homeland hunting seals, walruses, caribou, and fishing. But now, in the modern era, they survive through their artwork.

Inuit art sculpture pieces are dominated by the striking imagery of bears, walruses, seals, and other arctic animals from their native habitat.

In addition to Inuit art sculpture pieces, we showcase a number of original Inuit prints, drawings, water colors, wall hangings and other artwork.

Inuit art sculptures are created using a variety of materials. Soapstone, serpentine, whalebone, rock, and walrus ivory are the main raw materials that carvers work with.

Let Native Art Traders be your main source of Inuit art sculptures. We have close personal relationships with many of artists whose work we showcase. We work with many collectors who are looking to find unique, exclusive Inuit art sculptures. Join our mailing list to receive updates to our collection - some of which will never be displayed on our site.

Are you looking for a particular type of Inuit art sculpture by a specific artist? Can't find a particular Inuit sculpture you're looking for? Please contact us to inquire if we might have something you're looking for in our vast collection.