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Inuit Family Life

Videos showcasing the Inuit art form including - Interviews with Inuit art expert Eliot Waldman, demonstrations of Inuit sculptures being created, and introduction to Inuit family and community life.

Art collector Eliot Waldman talks about the Inuit culture, customs, and art. Videos

Inuit Art Interview #1
Conversation with art collector Eliot Waldman - Inuit culture, customs, and art

Inuit Art Interview #2
Conversation with art collector Eliot Waldman - Part 2

The Inuit Shaman
The role of the Shaman in Inuit life. Also animal transformations.

Inuit Traditional Drum Dance Sculpture
Inuit traditional drum dance, spirit, and mythological sculptures.

Newer Cape Dorset stone vs Ancient stone
Contrast the various types of Inuit carving stone

The Birdman Who Stole the Moon
A shaman transforms into a birdman and steals the moon to demonstrate his powers.

Miniature Inuit Art Masterworks
It's not necessary to have a large piece to have a masterwork. Why some of the top artists are doing smaller pieces now. Also, where did the Inuit people learn to carve?

A Short History of the Canadian Inuit People
Differences in the Greenland, Alaskan, and Canadian Inuit peoples. How legends and stories handed down by word of mouth. Plus, the dangerous lifestyle of the Inuit people.