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Eskimo Art

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The NativeArtTraders art gallery has specialized in Inuit and Eskimo art since 2001.

At NativeArtTraders, we know and deal directly with many of the Eskimo artist that you'll find on this site. We have lived among them, shared meals with them, and have a great love and affection for their lives, culture, and skills.

Here, you'll find Inuit / Eskimo stone sculptures and carvings of bears, seals, walruses, and many other arctic animals. You'll also find beautiful and authentic Inuit wall hangings.

Why People Invest in Eskimo Art

Unlike people who invest in securities or real estate, People who invest in Eskimo art do so for reasons other than simply making a profit. Yes they often want to make money, but they also invest because they admire the beauty and simplicity of aboriginal art. Many also purchase Inuit / Eskimo art in order to help support the culture and life styles of the Inuit people.

How to Evaluate the Value of an Eskimo Art Piece

The main criteria in determining what a particular Eskimo art piece is worth is to look at the reputation of the artist. The work of a long-established known artist will almost always require a greater investment than that of an artist who is just beginning to display his or her work.

On the other hand, if you really admire a piece of art by an unknown artist and it is not too expensive for your budget, don't be reticent about buying it. Just be aware that, from an investment standpoint, you're taking a greater risk. If you have a good eye for art, you may even find yourself in the enviable position of having purchased the early works of a budding superstar artist.

How to find a Trustworthy Eskimo Art Dealer

While there are many excellent Eskimo art dealers, there are also many who are in it simply for the money and otherwise have no knowledge of the art or any relationships to the artists that they represent. If possible, look for an art dealer that deals directly with many of the artists that they showcase.

Developing trust takes time. When looking for an art dealer talk to your friends who have purchased art. They've probably been through a number of dealers. Take advantage of their knowledge.

In the early parts of your relationship with a dealer, start by purchasing small pieces. Evaluate your experience and purchase larger pieces as your trust grows. Talk to the dealer. Ask questions. A dealer knowledgeable in Eskimo art will be able to tell you something about the artist of a particular piece.

Additionally, a trustworthy art dealer will always back the art pieces that he sells.

Here are some examples of Eskimo art from the Native Art Traders collection.

Inuit Art or Eskimo Art - Which is Right?

In many places (especially Canada and Greenland), you'll find people using the term Inuit instead of Eskimo because in some parts of the world the word Eskimo has a negative connotation.

Other places (such as the Alaska natives of Yupik and Inupiaq), however, prefer Eskimo.

On our site, we've chosen to use the word Inuit on most of the art examples and pages that you'll find on this site.