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Eskimo Sculptures at Native Art Traders

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There is nothing more amazing in the world of Inuit rock carving and sculpture than watching a great artist take an unshaped piece of rock and slowly mold it into a unique and beautiful work of art.

Native Art Traders is a prime resource for Eskimo sculptures. The Eskimo sculptures we carry are commissioned from some of the best Inuit artist around. Authentic Inuit sculpture in our gallery is hand sculptured from stone .

Even if you are an avid art collector or art historian, odds are that you know little about Eskimo sculpture. When most people think of stone sculpture they think of the ancient classical Greek or Roman sculptures.

And even though the Eskimos have been carving stone sculptures for centuries, it is only relatively recently that many of their artists are becoming known to the general art world.

Eskimo art sculptures are so unique and so classy that they will give even the most drab room a jolt of excitement, interest, and sophistication. And yet, they are such a departure from the usual contemporary art sculptures that you find in many homes that they stand out - in a good way.

The Eskimo sculptures you'll find here have their origins in the Inuit's close relationship to their lands and the animals on their lands. They spring forth directly from the day-to-day hardships in their real lives.

Eskimo Sculptures Gallery

One of the most difficult of Eskimo sculptures to make is the polar bear. Inuit Artists that can make these are among the most accomplished of artists. Take a look at the dynamic, life like action and the exquisite details in many of the Inuit / Eskimo sculptures below.

Thinking of getting a gift for a loved one? A gift that will fit in with the most upscale of homes and will inspire awe among even the casual viewer? Inuit / Eskimo sculptures and art pieces make excellent and unusual gifts for those that are special to you.

Many of the smaller art pieces also make great, unique gifts for business associates.

If you are looking for a specific type of Inuit or Eskimo sculpture, email us as we are constantly getting art pieces in that we do not put up on the web site.

If you want to make sure that the Eskimo sculpture that you buy is authentic, it's best to purchase from a gallery that specializes in Inuit art pieces. At Native Art Traders, we receive new Eskimo sculptures and art pieces every week. Many are one of a kind pieces and sell before they ever reach our website. Join our mailing list to be among the first to be notified of new art pieces.

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